Let's Work Together to Summon a Personalized, Divine Plan
Get a Personalized Strategy to Rapid, 
Sacred Financial Growth and Freedom
You are rich, you don't become rich...
This feeling is built into the VIP experience.
When you decide to join Liz Caraballo and I in our adventures around the world, we make sure that every detail feels luxurious.

By the end of the weekend we hope what you are saying to yourself is, "I could get used to this!"

Our sessions are also rich.
Recently, a VIP client expressed how she was blown away by her first session and how it was unique to anything she had ever experienced.

We aren't giving you something we swiped from a course or a book.

We are delivering what is given to us as we ask for guidance on you specifically. We trust our process and it supersedes head knowledge. We tap into eternal wisdom and divine guidance.

We also make sure we deliver it to you in a super practical way so you can act on what's given. We call this bringing heaven on earth in the work you do.
About Monique
"I help women create a self-designed business and lifestyle."

Through her Mastermind, sold out programs, thriving Facebook community, and contributor articles, Monique inspires women by her results-driven practical nature as well as her grounded spiritual approach.

She shows how community, accountability, and belief takes regular women from self doubt to providing for their families and realizing their wildest dreams through a business they love.
In her own words...
"My name is Monique Alvarez and I am an international business consultant. I operate in my gifts of claireaudiance, clairvoyance, and claircongnicence. I channel messages from the divine and show women how to move light years beyond business as usual to holy business. Business that exists for the abundance and the enlightenment of all.

I practice soul-aligned business principles that allow me to show you how to connect to Source so that you are no longer operating your business with middle-men, so to speak. When you go straight to Source, hear what is yours to BE and DO, you can then receive my support that empowers you to stay the course until you have everything your heart desires.

This experience is going to give you an opportunity to put a stop to emotional freakouts, fear of unleveling, and the anxiety that keeps you running from one direction to another."
About Liz
My name is Elizabeth Caraballo (you can call me Liz) I am a teacher, writer and speaker. In the last 3 years I have gone from a broke, depressed, single momma reeling from a 3rd failed business venture to a thriving, joy-filled, world traveling momma, that has taught hundreds of women how to be their authentic selves and keep all the important pieces.

I have been able to reignite their passions and laughter in way that resuscitates relationships, sex, money and most importantly - JOY

I know how it feels to be frustrated, hurt and hopeless - but more importantly, I know the path back to your true self.
You don’t have to choose between love and money, You don’t have to choose between you and them, you get to love all of it and feel loved along the way.

The VIP weekend is unlike any other program out there. We take you through a multidimensional process lined with so much love and attention. There isn’t a part of you that we won’t touch, love, and help you align with your vision. It’s intimate, it’s effective and it is liquid love in a way that most women never experience in business or life much less both in one. THIS is how you can have your cake and eat it, too.
What is a VIP Weekend?
The VIP Weekend includes 3 days and 4 nights in a beautiful destination with us. 

We start off our work with three assessments that show us:

1. Natural abilities
2. Capacity for joy and pleasure
3. Untapped gold mines in business
💫 What this means is we focus on creating a strategy that capitalizes on the easiest and most profitable ways for our client to not only make money, but experience fulfillment in her life and business

💗 By the end of our private sessions, clients know what they can do in their sleep, how it leads to money, and how to find the people who are dream clients.

💰 This work is holistic in nature and it is common to discover what is holding money, success, and happiness at a distance.

💃 We believe in working from the inside out and our magical combination leaves clients feeling empowered and encouraged.

🐝 You will receive Six Animal Medicine Card Readings and channeled guidance during our sessions.

🔥 We know that each client who comes to us desiring VIP work has been directed to us. We do not limit our work to our own personal experience and know how, we also rely on our intuition to guide us each step of the way.
You are sitting on a gold mine. 

I know it’s true because it’s been true for 10 years.  

Every client I’ve ever worked with in my business has untapped money all around them.  

It doesn’t matter what their business is or where their business is, I can spot it! 

When I’m working with a client it’s NEVER difficult for me to understand why they aren’t making more money.  

I'm a specialist at finding the unique way to mold your work to the way you are naturally bent.

It's a breeze for me to see how you can make money from the knowledge and the experience you overlook because it comes so easily to you

I know how to arrange services, packages and pricing in a way that leads to money now and money later.  

And I know how to hold your feet to the fire when you are tempted to turn tail and go back to thinking small. 

VIP Weekends are ideal for the woman who is ready for a personalized road map that leads her directly to money and fulfillment in her work
Client Love 💖

“I’ve never done ANYTHING like this before, but I feel like this is the right thing at the right time. Also, I trust you. I’m very excited to get to work with you! This feels a little like a makeover for me Only not for my physical condition, but for my heart and mind! Ha! I’m ready!

I woke up today and boom! I had my target market identified. Who I want to serve! Wow! It just came to me like lightening today. I am excited to share with you when we get to talk! I have been agonizing over this a bit, trying to figure out what I have to offer and why and to whom.

I am SO grateful to you! You have helped me to realize that I do have something to offer, and you are guiding me to have the confidence to go after my dreams. You inspire me to imagine the possibilities and there is a little fire burning that tells me my dreams are possible. You are teaching me that I can overcome hang-ups, old baggage and hurt, and be in the present with who I am NOW. Words cannot express my gratitude for you coming into my life. I told you before, that I was led to you and that is 100% true. Thank you thank you thank you for being who you are and for sharing with me!!"

~Sunny Smith

“Thank you so much Monique and Liz for such a wonderful session and for hearing me out and sharing your knowledge with me ...means a lot to me. I am really looking forward to seeing myself in the light and getting out of the patterns that you might have noticed in me that I can't see in myself. Thank you so much. I am so grateful that you came in my life at this time. I am ready to use my voice and stand in my power. I can see the difference already in how I am showing up for my little one....seriously loves ...I am so very grateful for you both and blessed to have you step in at the right time....its definitely divine timing. Thank you Thank you Thank you  I'm looking forward to our next session and what you two come up with for me and my business."

~Neha Nayak

“Since deciding to hire Monique as my coach to get my business going, my business has grown.The unexpected has also happened, my personal growth has been exponential. Her unique way is geared to women and is very spiritual and self reflective. It's not all about the numbers, although those are there, it's about being authentically you! I have found myself exploring my thoughts, really understanding what it is that I do, what I offer, and trusting myself. I feel like I'm becoming whole. I am growing and enjoying the process and that is what Liz and Monique have shown me that is the most important part."

~Ellie Thompson
VIP Weekend Schedule:
This is an example schedule that can be adjusted to suit your needs (Example: you need Monday through Thursday instead of Thursday through Saturday)

Arrive by Wednesday night for dinner.

9 a.m. Breakfast
11 a.m. -1 p.m. Review of assessments and session
1 p.m. Lunch 
2 p.m.-5 p.m. Nap, rest, walk
6 p.m. Dinner 
9 a.m. Breakfast 
10 a.m.-Noon Six card animal reading and channeled session
1 p.m. Lunch 
3 p.m.-6 p.m. Massage, nap, walk
7 p.m. Dinner
9 a.m. Breakfast
11 a.m. -1 p.m. Session
1 p.m. Lunch
3 p.m.-6 p.m. Spa, nap, walk
7 p.m. Dinner and debriefing

Local excursion

Monday departure.
Some Benefits of Giving Yourself the VIP Treatment:
Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
  •  Helps You Act on a Personalized Strategy that Gets You to Your Income and Lifestyle Goals
  •  Get More Aligned to Work that Comes Easily and Naturally To You
  •  Find the Missing Money Is In Your Business
  •  Gain the Confidence to Act on a Highly Personalized and Dynamic Plan of Action
  •  Avoid Well-Meaning Advice that Isn't Suited to Your Gifts and Abilities
  •  Hit Your Income Goals Like Clock-Work and Feel Great In the Process
  •  Learn to Effortlessly Attract Your Dream Clients Who Are Ready to Work With You Now
  •  Escape "Busy" Activities that Never Lead to Making More Money In Your Business
  •  Discover Your Natural Abilities, The Activities that Lead to the Easiest Money, and Your Personalized Joy Hacks
  •  Understand the Areas of Your Business that Would Benefit from Having a Team and the Best Way to Invest in them
  •  Get a 12 Month Plan You Can Follow Along with Accountability and Support to Help You Arrive Where You Intend to Go
If you’re ready to discover how you can make the most in your business, while experiencing the greatest amount of joy, this is for you.
💫 When you're running your business as the whole and perfect woman you are, it will feel like bliss!

💫 When you love your business and you're being compensated as you wish, life opens up to you.

💫 See yourself enjoying days off guilt-free, taking trips you've only dreamed of, and having time to be with those you love.
So Here's The Bottom Line with VIP Weekend...
VALUE Breakdown:
  •  Highlands Natural Abilities Test and Consultation: $1,000 VALUE
  •  Joy and Pleasure Assessment and Consultation: $1,000 VALUE
  •  Business Gold Mines Assessment and Consultation: $1,000 VALUE
  •  Six Animal Medicine Card Readings: $500 VALUE
  •  Channeled Session and Blessing: $2,500 VALUE
  •  Four, 60-90 minute In-person Sessions: $6,000 VALUE
  •  Review of Products/Services and Prices: $2,000 VALUE
  •  Revamp Copy, and Promotion Strategy: $3,000 VALUE
  •  Advisement on Visuals and Presence: $2,000 VALUE
  •  Prayers, Mantras, and Meditations: $700 VALUE
  •  Three, 60-90 minute Follow-up Zoom Sessions: $3,000 VALUE
  •  Monday-Friday Access on Messenger/Email for 3 months: $2,500
  •  Airport transfer, Hotel, Meals, & Activities are included in the price
 Total Value: Over $25,200!
Secure your spot today with an investment of only...
Outcomes to this Sacred Program:
  •  Your truth is activated, you click into alignment with your purpose and passions. You have your zest for life back.
  •  You live with conviction and have a clear plan on where you are going. Say ‘goodbye’ to confusion and doubt.
  •  Your inner light is beaming, you have your sparkle back and the world looks brighter. You know your place in the world and have ditched playing small.
  •  Your self-worth is undeniable and you are totally inspired by the life that you are creating.
  •  You are loving the clients you work with and the transformations you co-create.
  •  You are loving the divine self-love and confident mojo with which you express your prices, promote your programs and sell your services.
  •  You are speaking your truth and own the work you do unapologetically.
  •  You are loving the fact that you’re no longer caught up in a toxic spin cycle of lack and desperation and, instead, can know how to create abundance for you and your family.
  •  You implement a business strategy that allows you to experience pleasure, energy and joy every single day.
  •  You sell with soul as you fully own your story, style and message.
Book Your VIP Weekend Now:
You'll Never Regret Investing In Yourself!
You have 2 options to work with us: 
Travel to Us or We Travel to You
and there are 2 Payment Options for each...
Travel to Us: Join us in one of the beautiful places already on our Travel Itinerary...
Herceg Novi, Montenegro - Currently through July 27th
Dubrovnik, Croatia - July 27th through July 30th 
Split, Croatia - July 30th through August 2nd
Zadar, Croatia - August 2nd through August 6th 
Trieste, Italy - August 6th through August 10th
Venice, Italy - August 10th through August 16th
Calolziocorte, Italy (Lake Como) - Aug. 16th - Sep. 16th
Milan, Italy - September 16th through September 20th
We Travel to You: Have a location that is on your bucket list that is in the vicinity of our itinerary (Example: we're in Milan and you want to meet in Paris)? Tell us and we'll meet you there!
Travel to Us
Payment Plan
3 payments of $4,000
Your Price: $500/month
Travel to Us
Pay Up-front & Save
List Price: $12,000
You Save: $2,000 (17%)
Today's Price: $10,000
We Travel
Payment Plan
3 payments of $5,000
We Travel
Pay Up-front & Save
List Price: $15,000
You Save: $3,000 (20%)
Today's Price: $12,000
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